Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel

This accommodating hotel in Schaumburg, IL provides complimentary shuttle service to Woodfield Mall, featuring upscale shopping and dining options. Discover the ultimate indulgence inside Sam & Harry's private dining room at this Schaumburg hotel for award-winning steaks and succulent seafood.

Business services include:
Copy Services - Fax Services - Full-Service Business Center -
Messenger Service - Network/Internet Printing  - Overnight Delivery & Pickup -
Translator - Fully Staffed Business Center

Beware rogue booking agencies. iLandscape nor the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel contract with any outside booking agencies. If you are contacted by any agency claiming to be affiliated with iLandscape - do not believe them and notify the iLandscape show immediately. Do not book rooms with an outside agency.

iLandscape has only one host hotel (Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel) and its reservations are managed by the hotel. THE ONLY way to book a hotel room for iLandscape is directly with the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel. Neither the Renaissance hotel nor iLandscape staff will ever call you directly to make a reservation!

Hotel reservations made in any other way other than through the online reservation or with direct contact with the hotel are at the risk of the individual.

Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel
1551 N. Thoreau Dr.
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Tel.: 1 (847) 303-4100
Fax: 1 (847) 303-4199